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Saturday Night Fever 2022

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Sunny Sunday 2022

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DingsDo Family

DingsDo Family


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Aftermovie 2022


    The Dings.Do Festival was first organised in 2011 and since then it has gained a reputation all over South Tyrol. We are a diverse and art-filled festival for young and old, where the main value is on celebrating together and peacefully. The entrance fee is based entirely on the voluntary donations of the visitors.


    The focus of our festival is on a regional and sustainable economy in the organisation and realisation of our event. The aim is to buy as much food as possible regionally in order to value local and regional production, to reduce transport distances and to support South Tyrolean farmers as well as companies which produce in South Tyrol.


    The philosophy of sustainability includes first and foremost protecting the environment and nature as much as possible during the entire festival and not putting unnecessary strain on it. People's annual consumption of meat also has an enormous impact on the environment, which is the reason why we have been offering a purely vegetarian cuisine since our first edition.

    In addition, all promotional items such as posters, flyers and T-shirts are printed in an environmentally friendly way. Disposable plastic ( dishes, cutlery, cups) is completely dispensed at the festival area, and even the entrance wristbands are made of fabric instead of plastic.


    Our donation concept is based on three elements, which we try to cover according to the income generated at the festival:

    Dings.Do Charity Love - for private persons/families in or outside South Tyrol who need quick and uncomplicated help because they are in an essential life emergency (homeless, hunger, war).

    Dings.Do Project Bonus - for a regional project from which the South Tyrolean society benefits in a positive and transformative way. An official announcement with detailed requirements will be available on social media after the festival!

    Dings.Do helps Loidner*innen - an appreciation to the community of Lajen, which has supported us in the organisation for years! This module is intended as a donation for people from Lajen who find themselves in a financial emergency due to a stroke of fate/illness/storm or similar.

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